WISTRA is a super blend of herbal actives – alkaloids, which work in synergy to give protection to the plant from diseases that cause severe damages to the crop. It ensures higher yield and profitability.


Herbal actives - Alkaloids (Min.) 02.0%
Botanical surfactants (Max.) 98.00%
Total 100.00%


The formulation disperses, spreads and activates. It blocks the metabolic functions of pathogens, thereby rendering them lifeless. The surfactants and emulsifiers activate the functions of alkaloids. It acts as protective as well as curative.


1g – 2g per litre of water.
Repeat application regularly at an interval of 8 - 10days intervals to protect new foliage.
Reduce spray intervals to 4 days if infestation levels are high or during suitable weather conditions for pathogens.

Crop Application Targets
Paddy 2-3 applications from 25-30 days after
transplanting; repeat spray after 30 days.
Leaf spot, blast, bacterial leaf blight.
Chilies 3-4  applications  from  30   days  after
transplanting; repeat spray after 30 days.
Leaf spot, leaf curling, powdery mildew.
Tomato 3-4 applications. Leaf spot, damping off.
Potato 2-3 applications. Late blight.
Vegetables 3-4 applications. Leaf spot, fruit rot, powdery mildew.
Grapes 3 – 4 applications Powdery mildew
Floriculture 2-3 applications. Powdery mildew.