PETAL is highly concentrated and superior quality natural Humic Acid (80 - 85%) in 100% water soluble granular form (WSG). PETAL is manufactured out of world’s finest source of Humic acid and is highly effective in small doses.


Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid (Min.) 80.00%
Natural Inert ingredients (Max.) 20.00%
Total 100.00%


  • A highly concentrated Natural Humic Acid that is water soluble is effective in small dosages. As it is activated, it acts immediately on application either by foliar spray or on soil application.
  • In soil it enhances the microbial activity and helps in increase cat ion exchange. Thus improves the biomass, thus conditioning the soil structure and water retention capacity.
  • When applied by foliar spraying on the plants, it promotes chlorophyll, sugar and amino acids and increases the photosynthesis.


Application Dosages Benefits
Root dipping 30g in  20litres of  water. Dip  the
roots for about 2-3 minutes during transplanting.
Better root development and early establishment after
Soil application 30g – 50g per acre. (30g in field
crops, 50g in floriculture & fruit crops)
Repeat  application  after  20-25 days, 3-4 times during the crop cycle.
Increases white root growth.
Higher absorption & uptake of nutrients from soil. Effective in fighting stress situations like drought or excess water.
Increases the quality of yields – improves the physical appearance & nutritional value.
Foliar spray 10-15g in 100litres of water
Repeat  application  after  20-25 days, 3-4 times during the crop cycle
Increases  absorption  of  nutrients  and  uptake  when
sprayed with liquid/ soluble fertilizers & nutrients. Improves  chlorophyll  thus  plant  looks  greener  and increases surface area of the leaves.


  • Field crops: Paddy, Potato, Vegetables, etc.
  • Fruits crops: Grapes, Pomegranate, Mango, Coconut, Apple, etc.
  • Floriculture: Rose, Carnations, Gerbera, Merry Gold, Chrysanthemum, etc.