JIVANA is a formulation of botanical actives (Alkaloids) which burns the active pathogens and renders them lifeless. It is an excellent botanical plant protector which remains active for a longer period. JIVANA results in increased productivity and yield.


Herbal actives - Alkoloids (Min.) 2.50%
Botanical surfactants (Max.) 97.50%
Total 100.00%


The formulation is made from alkaloids sourced from plant sources have physiologically active polymers, natural oils & aromatic hydrocarbons and salts of fatty acids. These work based on synergistic effect thus giving control of the organisms. The formulation disperses, spreads and activates. The hydrocarbon derivatives burn the body tissues of the organisms. It also helps the spray to remain active for a longer time.

It acts as protective as well as curative. Repeat application to protect the plant parts (foliage).


1ml – 2ml per litre of water, depending on infestation rate.
Repeat application regularly at an interval of 8 - 10 days intervals to protect new foliage.
Reduce spray intervals to 4 days if infestation levels are high or during suitable weather conditions for pathogens.

Crops Targets
Vegetables Downy mildew, Leaf curl, late blight and early blight.
Grapes Downy mildew
Potato Late blight