ADHIK is a unique formulation of natural growth promoting actives, ADHIK is a proprietary formulation containing natural ingredients blended with traditional wisdom. It gives better growth, maintains adequate root shoot ration. It enhances crop immunity and improves crop health and significantly increases yield.


Herbal Active ingredients (Min.) 02.50%
Natural Carriers (Max.) 97.50%
Total 100.00%


This is a unique formulation of natural growth promoting actives developed by SATHVA. It provides a natural immunity for the plant to fight the stress due to adverse growing conditions. Works in the soil effectively, ensuring early and better root establishment.


4kg – 5kg per acre
Mix 4kg with 8-10kg of river sand/soil/good quality neem cake and broad cast at the time of planting or 10 Days after planting.
Repeat the application 30-35 Days after planting for better results.


  • Accelerates the root development
  • Facilitates early establishment of the crop
  • Optimizes the root-shoot ratio
  • Improves the vegetative growth
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Improves the immunity of the plant
  • Improves yield
  • Natural product - free of chemical residues


Paddy, Potato, Vegetables, etc.