Business driven...
Customer focused...

Research and development at Sathva is driven and guided by the above directive indices

Research & Development

Scientists at Sathva constantly look forward to develop products and solutions in line with company's objectivities by collaborating with research establishments or agents internationally. Sathva's products are rolled out keeping the international customers in mind and our team takes utmost care and diligence in developing products, conducting field or customer trials, organizing the necessary international approvals or certificates for the products.

Our Application development team focusses on the optimization of product formulations, dosages and development of customized and economic level of applications.

Research Advisory Board (RAB)

R & D at Sathva is a constant exploration

We understand the need of expertise and experience in driving this journey. Keeping this in mind Sathva has set up a RESEARCH ADVISORY BORAD (RAB) which consists of eminent scientists in the country who will guide and direct the research activities of the company.