Global Natural actives and ingredients company

Sathva Bioactives Private Limited is a new generation natural products company driven by nature science and built on the fundamental bases of Purity, Equilibrium and Radiance in everything that it does.

Sathva intends to bring out superior and consistent quality bioactives for pharma, Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Beverages, Cosmetics and biological agriculture solutions through continuous research and strategic collaborations with key international players in the respective fields.

Sathva spearheads its businesses through two focused Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

Sathva Logo - Sustainable Commitment

The core values of our logo are Purity, Radiance and Equilibrium. The logo is our identity and our commitment for sustainable growth. The upward green arc indicates our natural and radiant product offering and the brown coloured arc below indicates our commitment to protect the earth. The green coloured main logo indicates our safer, natural and scientific approach to our mission, ensuring an equilibrium between the earth and nature.

Team Sathva

Sathva is promoted and managed by a team of professionals who have in depth knowledge and understanding of the target business segments.

The company has been formed with the idea of promoting natural products and solutions for the international markets. Sathva wants to be truly professional company and is promoted in the structure and style of an employee equity driven organization in line with the best of the organizations of this kind in the world.

Each member in the Sathva Group is committed and driven by entrepreneurship and ownership towards achieving the business and social objectives of the organization


To be a World Class natural products company with product offerings which would enhance, propagate and sustain a safer, vibrant and rewarding benefits to the world and to the stake holders.


To be known as an innovative, creative ,value driven and customer focused organization which extends its care and support to everyone whom it is associated and to derive business under the fundamental bases of purity, radiance and equilibrium


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